Monolithic Foundation

E and K Concrete are experts in pouring ground-level grade concrete monolithic foundations.  The monolithic E and K Concrete
foundation is poured all at one time with a single layer of concrete that is four to six inches thick on top of gravel and rebar to increase strength and durability.  The casting of wire mesh will reinforce the foundation to reduce the chance of concrete cracking.  In a monolithic foundation, the slab and the footings are inclusive along the perimeter of the foundation.

Basement Foundation

E and K Concrete are experts in pouring basement foundations.  Concrete basements provide the homeowner with opportunity for inexpensive spaces for creating an office or extra bedroom, or to fulfill many other future family needs.  Footings exist around the perimeter where the basement foundation rest. E and K Concrete have over 20 years of experience in pouring basement foundations that are strong, weather resistant, and able to sufficiently support your home.

Garage Foundation

E and K Concrete will pour your garage foundation according to residential code with commercial fiber concrete or wire mesh reinforcement.  By ensuring proper ground preparation with additions of gravel or rebar, your garage foundation will be strong and long-lasting.  Also, we can determine whether expansion joints are needed to reduce stress to the concrete for longevity.


E and K Concrete can install footings for crawl foundation upon request.  Footings are an important part of foundation construction. They are poured with concrete and reinforced with rebar. Footings support the foundation and prevent settling as well as important in areas with troublesome soils.  The footings are strong and durable to maintain longevity of your home for years to come.